Corporate Profile

Zhongtai Futures Co., Ltd (hereafter referred as Zhongtai Futures or the corporation) is a major and professional futures corporation, which is approved by China’s Securities Regulatory Commission (hereafter referred as CSRS), registered in Shandong Administration for Industry and Commerce, held by Qilu Securities Co., Ltd, recombined from three futures company named ‘Quanxin’, ‘Qilu’ and ‘Sanlong’. Zhongtai Futures is located in Jinan, and the biggest futures company in Shandong Province. Zhongtai Futures has a registered capital of CNY 1001.9 million and employs over 600 staffs. There are 19 branches . The corporation also solely holds Zhongtai Industrial Co., Ltd, which mainly provides risk management services. Relying on over 220 Qilu Securities’ branches, the service network covers the whole country has been formed.
Our scope of business contain brokerage of commodity futures, brokerage of financial futures, futures investment consultancy and asset management. With the innovation of the industry,
Zhongtai Futures constantly carries out OTC and other derivative businesses, received widely praised. Zhongtai Futures is the member of Shanghai Futures Exchange (hereafter referred as SHFE), Dalian Commodity Exchange (hereafter referred as DCE), Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (hereafter referred as ZCE) and China Financial Futures Exchange (hereafter referred as CFFEX), is one of 24 general clearing members of CFFEX. We are also a director unit of the second, third and fourth board of directors of China Futures Association (hereafter referrd as CFA) and the president unit of Shandong Futures Association. Zhongtai Futures was rewarded ‘Financial Innovation Award’ by People’s Government of Shandong Province, ‘Contribution from Financial Area to Development of Real Economy Award’ by Peoples’s Government of Jinan, ‘AAA Local Financial Entity of Shandong Award’ by Shandong Province Finance Bureau and etc., received highly valued by local government.

Zhongtai Futures observes all regulations and rules faithfully issued by CSRS and CFA, secure investors’ funds by keeping the margins in closed operation, treats investors’ interests fairly by cautious practicing. The corporation persistently holds ‘Risk Management Guarantees Survival, Compliance Creates Value, Good Faith Casts Brand’ as corporation values, insists that ‘through our professional ability, we assist all types of traders to realize hedging and appreciation of assets’ value, developing together with our clients’ as management concept, gradually strengthen our function and position as a financial intermediary. With the developing strategic focus that provides service to entity industry and financial institute, we will constantly improve the service and ability to real economy. Since 2007, our main business operational indicators such as clients’ equity, profitability have significantly been above the average market growth level for seven consecutive yeas. For now, our comprehensive strength has been among the industry forefront.

Zhongtai Futures has an innovative, efficient and pragmatic management team and an experienced and professional service team. Relying on those excellent teams, the corporation will provide high quality services with sincerity and honesty as return to our clients. We will endeavor to improve the development of futures industry and local economy with steady works, turn ourselves as a modern financial enterprise with charisma and culture charm.