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About Asset Management Department of Luzheng Futures 

Asset Management Department of Luzheng Futures provides institutional investors, individual investors, and corporate customers with investment and financial services of all asset categories (including stocks, fixed income, and alternative assets, etc.).
With the professional support of Luzheng Futures in spot goods and derivatives, the department provides investors with professional investment decisions based on quantitative optimization by relying on the innovative quantitative analysis system of the department’s investment research team, combining with the innovative investment philosophy of Europe and the US, and launching financial products of FOF (fund of funds) and MOM (manager of managers) and brings the higher return-risk ratio than industry average by combining with rational investment and decision-making mechanism.
With the flat, innovative and open team culture, the investment research team of the department has attracted a lot of overseas and domestic elites in asset management. By combining with the professional support of Luzheng Futures, Luzheng Capital, and Rizhao Board of Trade in fundamental analysis and technological analysis, the department develops hedge-fund investment management mode based on quantitative analysis and rational investment and decision-making mechanism, optimizes investment decisions based on the aspects of fundamentals, technology, and quantitative analysis in combination with release of subjective investment decision and generation of objective transaction strategy, and maximizes the return-risk ratio for each investment at macro and micro levels, so as to provide investors with hedge-fund financial solutions.
Adhering to the principles of professionalism, innovation, transparency, and optimization, Asset Management Department of Luzheng Futures strives to create the maximum return-risk ratio and provide the best financial service for investors.  

Our Investment Philosophy

Professionalism: With the flat and open team culture, we have attracted elites of the industry to expand our investment research team and maintain the highest professionalism from details to the whole. 
Innovation: Innovation of technology, philosophy, service, culture, and management.
Transparency: Through technological innovation, we ensure that the investors will keep track of their assets situation and maintain transparent communication channel with us.
Optimization: Through optimization of risk return, asset categories, investment managers’ evaluation, investment portfolio, and investment decisions, we create excess returns for investors at macro and micro levels.

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