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The brokerage business of the corporation regards the ‘customer-centric’ as the core service philosophy, integrates resource of the corporation, expresses the comprehensive superiority, meets different clients' requirements for diversified financing service and wins the trust of clients in good faith. We provide comprehensive trading, settlement, delivery and other services, and provide agent clearing services for the trading members of CFFEX. The fund of clients fully deposits in the special deposit account which has been reported, and it is dedicated and closed operating. It ensures the funds of the clients are absolutely safe.

The brokerage business of the corporation includes commodity futures brokerage business and financial futures brokerage business. We provide brokerage services for agricultural futures-- soybean, soybean meal, soybean oil, corn, wheat, cotton, sugar, palm oil, rapeseed, rapeseed meal, rapeseed oil,  indica rice, japonica rice, egg, corn starch; Industrial products-- copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, gold, silver, steel (rebar, wire rod), fuel oil, PTA, natural rubber, LLDPE, PVC, coke, methanol, glass, coking coal, steam coal, polypropylene, iron ore, fibreboard, veneer board, petroleum asphalt, hot rolled coil and other commodity futures; and financial futures-- listed stock index futures and treasury bond futures, as well as varieties going to be listed such as financial and commodity options and so on.

There are 24 branches spread around large and medium-sized cities in the country,and the service network covering the whole country has formed relying on more than 200 Qilu Securities’ branches, providing the brokerage services to investors throughout the country.

Brokerage Business Management Tel: +86 0531-81678639

Compliance and Examination Department Tel:  +86 0531-86113121

Settlement Department Tel:  +86 0531-86102420

Delivery and Financing Management Department Tel:  +86 0531-86921265

IB Business Service Department Tel:  +86 0531-81678963



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