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OTC Derivative Products Services

OTC Derivative Market Department provides Over-The-Counter risk management services and tools to help corporations, financial institutions, funds and CTAs to hedge commodity price risks, credit risks, interest risks as well as foreign exchange risks. These products include futures, options, swaps, forwards and exotic complex options. Our products are tailor made to meet our clients’ requirements and different risk appetites.

OTC Derivative Market Department team members graduated from famous overseas and domestic universities, with sound investment banking, OTC products structuring and trading experience. They all have solid theoretical and practicalquantitativeknowledge to assist clients with excellent products to meet clients’ needs and achieve the risk management goals. 

Services include:

Commodity OTC products structuring such as OTC options, swaps etc.
Provide risk management consultancy services with OTC products
Provide assistance to establish new business operation models with OTC hedging tools.
OTC products training services

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